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What does wellness traveling look like in 2021?

Wellness travels are an emerging trend in the hospitality industry. This is what wellness traveling looks like in the wake of a new year. 

Wellness at Eden Roc Cap Cana, Dominican Republic

According to National Geographic, wellness traveling is one of the most important current travel trends. 

“More and more properties are offering programs that are specifically designed to promote personal transformation and are more focused not just on the body and the mind but also on the mental and spiritual benefits of reconnecting with nature”, says Mellissa Biggs Bradley in the magazine.

Bradley is the founder and CEO of boutique travel agency Indagare and a board member of the Center for Responsible Travel.

But what does wellness travel actually mean – and what does it look like in the middle of a pandemic, when the whole travel industry is experiencing massive changes?

Wellness destination can be found close by

The wellness travel industry is blooming: in 2019 it was valued at 641.298 billion US dollars.

The concept of wellness tourism envelopes a whole bunch of different activities and opportunities. The common denominator is the traveler’s quest for better health and feeling better in their bodies, be it through silence, exercise, nourishing food or pampering experiences. 

For some, wellness travel means the peace and quiet of nature, like a forest bath experience. In the time of travel restrictions and quarantines, isolated and secluded destinations are becoming a big trend as well. 

A look within oneself

Yoga at the beach

At the same time, a wellness vacation can also mean a deeper experience through intensive yoga, meditation or even a silent retreat. 

Being away from  home plays an important role in this kind of activity because many of us find it hard to focus and find the head space needed for a deeper practice when we are in our usual environments. A wellness vacation can also be an important trigger for a healthier lifestyle in everyday life as well.

However, at the same time the trend of microcations gets stronger: for a European or American tourist, a yoga retreat doesn’t necessarily equal a trip to India. It can be a weekend retreat in a nearby town or even at your regular yoga studio paired with a night in the fanciest hotel in town.

Wellness = pampering?

Let’s not forget one more important aspect of wellness: being pampered and enjoying luxury. A wellness trip can also mean a spa weekend with massages, whirlpool baths and beauty treatments following one another, punctuated with healthy and nourishing food that seems too difficult to prepare in everyday hustle.

The goal of all different types of wellness vacations is the same: to help fight against stress, in whichever way seems suitable for each individual.

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