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Travel(dream)ing in the era of coronavirus – What to take into account?

Traveling during coronavirus is tough. These five strategies keep your travel dreams alive through the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has pretty much erased the travel season of 2020 – at this point of year there is no denying that.

In the spring, the lockdown closed down airports, cities and entire countries, and the summer season was seriously slowed down by uncertainty and quarantine regulations that keep changing more quickly than weather during the hurricane season.

While the travel industry is suffering, so are many travellers. Frequent flyer miles expire and our hungry inboxes wait patiently for new flight tickets or hotel reservation confirmation – in vain. 

Could it be the time to start dreaming and planning again? If you are ready to pack your suitcase and feed your hungry inbox, follow these five strategies to travel safely in the era of coronavirus.

  • Covid travel tip #1: Put safety first

While the coronavirus situation and its implications are very different in different parts of the globe, one guideline applies to us all – however strong the wanderlust, safety comes first. Keep an eye on quarantine regulations and remember that some countries also impose retrospective quarantines. 

So make sure you have a place to stay and a back-up plan for your journey back home, if the situation changes along the way.

  • Covid Travel Tip #2: Plan way, way, way ahead

Especially if you can’t leave the house right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about your travel bug.

One of the emerging travel trends in the era of Covid is epic, once-in-a-lifetime-styled holidays, says Condé Nast Traveler.

Are you turning 40 this year but aren’t ready to plan a festive trip for this year, like others answering to Virtuoso’s travel survey? Nothing can keep you from starting to explore options for a five-star Caribbean island hopping expedition – for your 45th birthday.

At least for once you can indulge yourself in months of careful planning and comparison.

  • Covid Travel Tip #3: Find a wilderness from your backyard

Staycations and nature destinations are also raising their profile alongside epic expeditions. Staycation or traveling by car pave the way for new experiences without the hurdle of flights, cancellations and endless rebookings.

Nature destinations are currently safer than cities. Check if there is a wilderness waiting to be discovered close to home.

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  • Covid Travel Tip #4: Book must-see destinations in advance

If your travel plans take you to popular destinations, book the entrance tickets in advance whenever you can. Many destinations have limited the number of people admitted in and this way you can be one hundred percent sure to see Mona Lisa or get to climb the strait of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Covid Travel Tip #5: Opt for flexible and refundable

Now, to the really boring stuff that we don’t really want to think about but that is even more important now than ever. 

Before taking off, check your insurance coverage, book refundable and cancellable tickets whenever you can. It makes changing your plans a lot quicker and less painful, if the situation changes. 

  • Bonus Covid Travel Tip: Embrace the unknown

Despite all the tips and all the precautions you take, surprises are part of traveling, regardless of the pandemic. Flights get canceled, destinations change and suitcases disappear.

Prepare as much as you can and think of your health and safety – but also embrace the big unknown that’s always part of our travels. Because let’s be honest: That special spark is what makes traveling so exciting.

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