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Luxury Travel Reinvents Itself – Don’t Miss Out on These Trends

Welcome 2021 – not only a brand new year but a brand new decade! 

Image: Pixabay

For those of us who didn’t really get on a travel flow in 2020 (which must be all of us, right?), the new year holds a lot of promises. The industry has had to reinvent itself but luxury traveling will be back more imaginative and creative than ever before.

Let’s explore the travel trends that will emerge in the post-covid world and take all keen luxury travelers to a new decade.

  1. Flying reinvented

Last year hit airlines and air travel pretty hard – but aviation will be one of the biggest travel trends in 2021, evaluates Globetrender Magazine.

How is that possible?

Because flying has always been about so much more than only moving from point A to B as quickly and comfortably as possible, and the smartest airlines understand this and have launched a mission to reinvent air travel in the new decade.

Flying is about the whole experience: Strolling through the airport and making some last minute shopping. Enjoying a glass of sparkling while admiring the arriving and departing planes. Relaxing on your seat and waiting for that warm towel to arrive before take-off.

That is why we’ve already seen innovative flight services, like one from the Australian airline Qantas: Qantas put together a 7-hour scenic flight that allowed the travelers to enjoy the iconic destinations of the continent in one, compact package, without the hassle of packing or ever leaving the plane.

  1.  Travel experts on a comeback

When the travel landscape is changing at a lightning speed, who can help experience-hungry travelers find the latest creations, such as flights without a destination or remote wonders of nature, where social distancing won’t be a problem?

Travel experts, of course. Though travel agents fell into oblivion when self service booking sites and review platforms conquered the internet, experienced experts are again very sought after this year.

Not only can seasoned specialists help eager travelers navigate the ever-changing quarantine and testing modalities, they give fresh ideas and find the most unique lodging options in destinations where accommodation really makes the difference, for example in Maldives – which is one of the trending destinations this year.

Image: Musée du Louvre (Paris, France)
  1.  Traveling without leaving home

As tempting as sightseeing flight above Sydney or an all-inclusive get-ways in Maldives might sound, not everyone is going to feel ready to put their adventure shos back on in the beginning of a new year.

Good news for tor those who still feel like playing it safe and staxing closer to home: the offering of virtual travel experiences has exploded!

You can tour the Louvre in Paris, France and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States on a same day, if you wish, and visit Yosemite National Park in the evening. This will finally be the year when all your travel dreams come true at once!

  1.  Work and travel go hand in hand

In 2021, we’ll also see more flexible options for marrying work and travel.

Remote work becoming the default option means that weekend getaways and even longer travels will be more compatible with a regular 9-5 job than ever before.

And even your regular remote day can get a more luxurious touch, because hotels are seriously tapping into the trend of remote working by offering their rooms and services for remote workers who are fed up with home office. The offer varies from practical small rooms at affordable rates to sumptuous suites and all-inclusive service with healthy lunches and after-work drinks.

Image: The Samaya Seminyak (Bali, Indonesia)
  1.  Spa is a must-have

Finally, spas and well-being centers become more and more important for hotels in the brand new decade.

There are two reasons for this trend: First of all, well-being centers answer the growing trend of wellness travels and people wanting to take care of themselves also during the holidays.

Secondly, spa treatments and jacuzzis are a magic wand that transforms a hometown staycation into a memorable get-away. They make travelers feel transported into a different reality, close to home.

Travel trends of 2021 will answer the call of safety-driven travelers as well as those of adventurers who never get tired of new experiences. Go big or go small, this will be your travel year!

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